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Draw together with Bruynzeel this cute panda. With this step-by-step plan, everyone can draw a panda.

All you need:

  • Bruynzeel HB graphite pencil
  • Bruynzeel black and pink felt tips
  • White paper


Step 1

Draw the curves of the panda with the HB graphite pencil. For the head, make a circle and draw a vertical and horizontal line through it in the middle of the circle. Draw another circle under the head, this will be the belly of the panda. Then make the feet by drawing two small circles at the bottom of the belly. Finally make the arms of the panda.


Step 2

Draw the ears, eyes, nose and mouth of the panda. Make two half circles at the top of the head, containing each a smaller half circle, these are the ears. Then make two eyes by drawing two circles. Between the two eyes make a nose through an inverted triangle, make a mouth underneath and connect the nose and mouth with a vertical line.


Step 3

Make the shape of the panda more specific by, for example, making the head run less round. Then erase the helplines so that all you're left with is an uncolored panda.


Step 4

Color the panda. Use the black felt tip for the outside for the ears, eyes, nose, mouth and legs. Don't forget to leave white in the eyes open for the white of the eyeballs. Use the pink felt tip for the inside of the ears. Great job, you finished your panda!

We love to see your panda. Share it with us by tagging @bruynzeel_holland and use the hashtag #stepbystepwithbruynzeel