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Paper duck
Create your own paper duck!

Paper duck

Paper duck is the TikTok trend everybody talks about. People create the most stylish clothing and accessories for their own paper duck. From sunglasses to jade rollers, you can’t take it too far with this trend. But it can be quite hard to design your own paper duck, as there are so many options. That's why we are going to help you get started with creating your own paper duck!

Easy & fun 

With our easy steps you will have your own paper duck in no time. Simply download the PDF files and print them. You can find the files at the bottom of this page. Now you can cut out the paper duck and the clothing pieces that you like. Of course, your paper duck needs some colour! Decorate the pieces with your favourite colouring pens and style the duck how you love. Most paper ducks are yellow, but don’t be afraid to use other colours too! After all, this is going to be your paper duck, and only you need to love it. Once the paper duck is fully coloured, you can laminate the paper with a laminating device or by wrapping it in plastic tape. If that’s too much of an effort, you can also skip this part. Et voila, your paper duck is now ready!


Our paper duck

In the photo below, we show you how we have decorated our paper ducks. Use this as an inspiration, and please share with us what paper duck you have created! To create this paper duck, we have used Bruynzeel’s glitter felt tips, magic felt tips, super stamp felt tips, super point felt tips to decorate, and kneadable erasers to stick the clothes onto the duck.

We are so excited to find out what you've come up with! We hope that together, all the Bruynzeel paper ducks will form one big duck family. Use #bruynzeelpaperduck to get noticed, we will share our favourite paper ducks on our Instagram stories!


Download the PDFs

Download the duck

Download the clothes