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Creativity for your mental health

Creativity for your mental health

At Royal Talens, we believe creative expression brings out the best in everyone. It has the power to stimulate mind, body and soul and should therefore be enabled all over the world.

Find out what creativity could mean for your mental health in this blog!

Mental health awareness

During the month of May, the international Mental Health Awareness Month is widely celebrated. Throughout recent years the emphasis on mental health has increased, and we feel rightly so. It is a big topic in many people’s lives, and it is important that it is discussed openly and more frequently.

Over time, creating art has proven to have a calming and meditative effect on people that practice it. Creativity can help reduce stress and anxiety in an increasingly restless world.

On this page, you will find stories by creatives about their experience with art in relation to (mental) health, blogs that will inspire you to try meditative art, tips and more.


TROEPboek: your playground for creativity

You want to be creative, but you don't have the time. Then when you finally make time, you don't know where to start. You keep staring anxiously at that blank page. Recognise this? Then starting the "TROEPboek" method (this Dutch word literally translates to junk journal), might be for you! 

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TROEPboek: your playground for creativity BY ANNA BERENDS VAN LOENEN

Yoga for the brain


The Zentangle drawing method can help to improve your confidence and concentration. Because Zentangle involves drawing structured and repetitive patterns, fears like failure or a lack of inspiration do not play a role. This allows you to let go of expectations and really live in the moment, without having to worry about anything else. 

Read all about Zentangle
Zentangle Yoga for the brain


Zentangle as mindfulness-based art therapy

Read about Marieke's road to recovery of her burnout with the help of Zentangle! 


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Zentangle as mindfulness-based art therapy BY MARIEKE SANCHEZ


A mental break

A lot of the time we are too focused on the product instead of the process when being creative. It actually takes practice to let go and float into creativity. In this blog, Trine inspires with a little DIY which can hopefully bring you a small break encouraging the mental health.

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A mental break BY TRINE HOLMVARD



"Hygge” is something you can create anywhere anytime, learn more about this Danish concept of creating an atmosphere that feels accommodating, a safe space where you can relax by mother and daugther Gitte & Trine from Denmark! 

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Navigating Mental Health Challenges

In this blog, artist Katja van Strijk, discusses her personal journey during the health scare she endured and how she used meditation and art to get her through this difficult time. 

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Navigating Mental Health Challenges BY KATJA VAN STRIJK