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Hygge: how to apply it to your daily life
By Gitte and Trine

Hygge: how to apply it to your daily life

When you look up “hygge” in the Danish dictionary it is described as a certain atmosphere or mood. To “hygge sig” means to enjoy yourself but we also use the term to “hygge om” which is directed at somebody else. To “hygge om” is to make others feel comfortable by creating an atmosphere that feels accommodating, a safe space where you can relax. It’s almost like a warm embrace…

No wonder “hygge” became a worldwide known concept - because who wouldn’t want to be in a safe space where you can relax and enjoy yourself?

“Hygge” is something you can create anywhere anytime and there are several different tools you can use… 

  • Light: The light should feel like it’s embracing you - not screaming at you. You can use candle lights, dimmed and focused light.

  • Warmth: The space should feel warm to you. You can use colors and textiles.

  • Good company: You should feel like you are in good company and you should be good company - also when you are by yourself. Good company makes you feel comfortable, safe and relaxed.

  • An Activity: You need to focus your attention. Read a book, start a conversation, play a game, be creative…

  • Sound: Silence can be awkward or soothing. Feel the room or the activity - do you need silence to stay focused or music to loosen up?

With a phrase like: “Nu skal vi rigtig hygge os…” (“Now we are going to hygge”) the intention is set but if you do not put in a little effort by using some of the tools mentioned above you might end up with an empty feeling. And sometimes it seems easier to “hygge om” because we have a tendency to put more effort in when it’s concerning other people than just ourselves but to “hygge sig” is just as important when you are alone. 

We suggest that “me-time” equals “hygge-time”  

When you have time to yourself try to make an effort of creating the right atmosphere for what you tend to do with that time. 
Are you going to read a book? Don’t just dump your bottom on a random seat. Pick the seat that is most comfortable ad a cushion and a blanket. Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee and a little plate of nuts, dates or dried fruit. Light a candle. Create a mood you would like to invite someone into and then invite yourself to sit on the throne as your own special guest. 
Are you going to spend a little creative time with yourself? Prepare the space like you would if you had someone over for dinner. Make sure the lighting is right so you are able to see but aren’t blinded. Place the remedies like paper, paint and brushes within reach like you are setting the table. Be sure to wear something comfortable that suits the temperature and prepare a little suitable snack and some water so your basic needs won’t interrupt you once you are ready to slip into the timelessness of creativity. 

Even everyday activities can feel soothing if you add a little “hygge”… 

Are you going to do the laundry? Take those extra few minutes to search through your music and find that special song or playlist that will help you tune into a mood where you can actually enjoy doing the laundry. And are you folding a whole bunch of clothing and towels? Make sure you do it a place where you feel relaxed… Maybe you have a laundry room where you can turn up the volume and make your own little laundry-dance or maybe you’d like to sit on the bed or the couch almost in a meditative state of mind? Just take that little bit of time to figure out the most “hygge” way for you to do the laundry. 
We hope this post gave you some ideas on how to bring a little more “hygge” into your daily life. 

- Gitte (mom, 67) & Trine (daughter, 33)