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What's in it for you?


If you are into drawing and doodling, it is very likely you have heard of Zentangle before. Sakura fans might know Zentangle as a drawing technique that is easy and fun to practice. But what is Zentangle exactly, and what benefits could it have for you?


To answer these questions, first let us dive into the history of Zentangle. Zentangle was founded in 2004, by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. Roberts, a meditator, and Thomas a calligrapher bounded their forces and discovered the meditative effects of creating repetitive patterns. They wanted to establish an art method that was accessible for anyone to create. This is because they often heard that people did not have the time, ability, space or patience to do art. In their opinion, all these reasons can be swiped off the table due to the simplicity of Zentangle.

Sakura Zentangle


Stress relief

For many, Zentangle is considered “yoga for the brain”, since Zentangle has calming and stress relieving effects on the people that practice it. It can also improve one’s confidence and concentration. By drawing structured and repetitive patterns, fears like a lack of inspiration or a fear of failure do not play a role in Zentangle. This allows you to let go of expectations, and really live in the moment without having to worry about anything else. With 8 basic steps, you too can create an elaborate Zentangle artwork. You can learn more about these steps and how to get started by exploring the Zentangle website, checking out one of the books about different Zentangle techniques or following a Zentangle workshop!

Visit the Zentangle website for more information.


Zentangle with Sakura

At Royal Talens, we are very proud of our collaboration with Zentangle and Sakura. We offer a total of 9 Zentangle Tool Sets that are all carefully composed and recommended by the founders of Zentangle. If you want to find out more about how to use our Sakura products in combination with Zentangling, please see the video below. In this video, Zentangle artist Marieke Sanchez shows how to create a Zentangle artwork on a sketchbook cover with Sakura Koi Water Colors and Sakura Gelly Rolls.