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Intricate design on white T-shirt
Step-by-step plan

Intricate design on white T-shirt

A plain white T-shirt can be pretty boring, but with some textile paint, you can personalise it any way you like! In this video we show you how you can customise a white shirt using a stamp with an intricate design and Talens Art Creation Textile paint. Make it unique and colourful by using your favourite colours and stamps, stencils or a brush to create your own design. Have fun trying this out at home!

What you need


About Talens Art Creation Textile

Talens Art Creation Textile is an extensive range of textile paints for light-coloured fabrics (at least 50 % cotton), available in a range of 40 colours. These colours include pearlescent colours and Reflex, a reflecting textile paint (also for dark-coloured textile) and Nightlight for a glow-in-the-dark effect. Before use, wash the textile without fabric softener. Decorate the textile with a sponge or soft brush and after drying for 30 minutes fix by ironing (on cotton setting) with a sheet of grease-proof paper between your work and ironing board.

Textile paint is great for interior decorations on cushions, furniture and curtains as well as for personalising clothes or other fashion items.

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