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Message board
Step-by-step plan

Message board

Add a message board to your home to help you remember appointments, create a weekly menu, or leave notes to your family. In this video, we show you how to create your own message board using Talens Art Creation metallic paint and Beton Paste on a cork background.

The Beton Paste gives your message board an industrial concrete look, while the metallic paint adds a fun accent. Use tape to make clean lines, or freehand it to create your own unique design. You do not have to use cork; you can also use wood or another sturdy surface to serve as your message board. Have fun and be creative!

Tools & supplies

About Talens Art Creation Beton Paste

Beton Paste is an opaque paste, which gives a rough concrete look to a wide range of surfaces. This tough, rough look fits in well in today's modern interiors. Beton Paste is more a paste than a paint and is only suitable for indoor use. To create a rougher surface, use a palette knife, and for a smoother finish use a brush or sponge. It is not necessary to apply an undercoat on the ground. It creates the rough and hard ground of concrete and is available in 5 attractive colour tints.

About Talens Art Creation Metallic

Metallic is a quick-drying metallic paint with a drying time of approx. 10 minutes. This paint is suitable for details and practically all grounds. It gives them a splendid trendy metallic sheen. When working with metallic paint it is important to clean the surface well before applying the paint with a brush. After drying, Metallic is water resistant. It is available in 12 metallic tints.

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