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Collaboration IMC Summerschool Netherlands

Collaboration IMC Summerschool Netherlands

Sunday, August 29, 2021

In the past summer holidays we had a great collaboration with IMC Summer School. There were activities for less fortunate children at 10 locations throughout the Netherlands. Just like for us, creative education is very important to IMC.

IMC Summerschool

At IMC on Tour it is important that children do not stand still in their development at a very crucial age. They need to connect and belong, all year round. In addition to the newcomer class, there is often little offer of activities. The summer holidays in particular are a long period of boredom and stagnation in their development for children. That is why IMC organizes a Summer School in various places in the Netherlands. The students are not at home all summer, but here they have the opportunity to develop in various areas. The emphasis is mainly on culture, nature, sports and games.

Our Support

IMC Summer School asked us to provide materials for 4 workshops and to also look for an artist for 3 locations. And it worked! Carmen Groenefelt, Stephan Peters and Gusai and Emilyn from AZC Gilze all did a great job.

Carmen Groenefelt

Carmen Groenefelt is a very talented young illustrator. And above all with a very big heart. It is remarkable how much she was committed to these children. She did a fantastic job and we hope to work with her many more times.

Stephan Peters

We have worked with Stephan Peters before. He is a very varied great artist. He has worked with young people before with passion, humor and a lot of expertise. Once again we saw how wonderfully he introduced the children to Urban Art. Hopefully he will continue to work with us often.

Emilyn and Gusai

We got to know Emilyn and Gusai through a previous activity at AZC Gilze. They are artists, are asylum seekers and guide the children and young people there in a professional manner. So we asked them for IMC Summerschool Rotterdam. And they did it so great. They were so grateful to be allowed to do this for the children. We intend to really keep in touch with them!

Future cooperation

It was the first time we collaborated with the IMC Summer School. The objectives and the mentality of this organization are very appealing to us. We plan to work together even more intensively in the coming years!!


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Jeff Olson: artist & art teacher

Jeff Olson: artist & art teacher

Jeff Olson is a US based artist residing in Seattle, Washington. Moreover, he is the Director of Art Education for Royal Talens North America. We are very fortunate and proud that he supports the values and mission of the Royal Talens Foundation.
Drawing for (and with!) kids in the zoo

Drawing for (and with!) kids in the zoo

Last Sunday, a really beautiful day was had with Stichting Tekenen voor Kinderen (the Drawing for Kids Foundation), in the Amersfoort Zoo.
Auction 2023 preview: Rembrandt Experience

Auction 2023 preview: Rembrandt Experience

The Rembrandt Experience was the prize of our painting contest during the Year of Rembrandt in 2019. After three years of Covid restrictions, the event could finally take place in 2022 and provided a sneak peek for the art auction happening in 2023.