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Rembrandt Experience
Auction 2023 sneak peek

Rembrandt Experience

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

The Rembrandt Experience was the prize of our painting contest during the Year of Rembrandt in 2019. After three years of Covid restrictions, the event could finally take place in 2022 and provided a sneak peek for the art auction happening in 2023.

The second day of this two-day event included an exclusive dinner in the Rijksmuseum in the hall of honour in front of Rembrandt’s most famous painting: The Night Watch. Our Rembrandt ambassadors joined the Rembrandt Experience winners at this dinner.

During this dinner, all artists were offered the opportunity to exhibit their work in the Rijksmuseum as well. The works featured below, among many other beautiful works, will be available for auction at the end of January 2023.

Read more about the full Rembrandt Experience

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NiƱos de Guatamala

Niños de Guatamala

Niños de Guatemala is a wonderful foundation that has set up three schools for poor and underprivileged children, as the education in Guatemala is very limited and of low quality in many areas.
Jeff Olson: artist & art teacher

Jeff Olson: artist & art teacher

Jeff Olson is a US based artist residing in Seattle, Washington. Moreover, he is the Director of Art Education for Royal Talens North America. We are very fortunate and proud that he supports the values and mission of the Royal Talens Foundation.
Drawing for (and with!) kids in the zoo

Drawing for (and with!) kids in the zoo

Last Sunday, a really beautiful day was had with Stichting Tekenen voor Kinderen (the Drawing for Kids Foundation), in the Amersfoort Zoo.