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Felt tip pens to refugee centers The Netherlands

Felt tip pens to refugee centers The Netherlands

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

In April 2020, we donated a large amount of felt-tip pens to the asylum seekers' centers in the Netherlands. Last week we paid a visit to AZC Gilze. 900 refugees reside at this location.

Many of them have to wait for years in these centers for a residence permit as the length of these procedures is often very long. The visit made a great impression on us. All the people we met have been waiting there for days, weeks, years for clarity. In the meantime, life stands still and there is no future perspective.

Our donation during Corona crisis

Our donation was used to entertain the children during the Corona crisis. All daytime activities were stopped so coloring was an important activity. Here are several details in a row. And hopefully you realize that each number is about people, each with his or her own story:

  • In 2019, 22.000 asylum seekers submitted an asylum application for the first time in the Netherlands. Syria is again the country of origin with the most asylum seekers (16%) in 2019, followed by Nigeria (9%) and Iran (7%) )
  • 675,000 asylum seekers applied for protection in an EU country in 2019, almost 75,000 more than in 2018. Germany and France together receive more than 40% of these. 76,265 Syrians sought protection in the EU.

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NiƱos de Guatamala

Niños de Guatamala

Niños de Guatemala is a wonderful foundation that has set up three schools for poor and underprivileged children, as the education in Guatemala is very limited and of low quality in many areas.
Jeff Olson: artist & art teacher

Jeff Olson: artist & art teacher

Jeff Olson is a US based artist residing in Seattle, Washington. Moreover, he is the Director of Art Education for Royal Talens North America. We are very fortunate and proud that he supports the values and mission of the Royal Talens Foundation.
Drawing for (and with!) kids in the zoo

Drawing for (and with!) kids in the zoo

Last Sunday, a really beautiful day was had with Stichting Tekenen voor Kinderen (the Drawing for Kids Foundation), in the Amersfoort Zoo.