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Lynn Spoor

Lynn Spoor

Lynn Spoor is an artist based in Amsterdam who paints bold, abstract works using acrylic colours on large canvasses.

“Power and joy, the beauty of life. Painting allows me to express and elicit emotions.”

About Lynn Spoor

Lynn Spoor is a young, up-and-coming artist from The Netherlands. Born on July 7, 1997 in Beverwijk, the Netherlands, she currently lives in Amsterdam and works in Haarlem, after having completed her fine-art course at the University of the Arts in Utrecht.

Though Lynn’s work is adored by her international base of followers online, her art is far removed from the digital world of manipulated images. She paints bold and active brush strokes on large canvasses. Drawing from her roots in IJmuiden, a coastal town dominated by the steel industry and the North Sea, her art is dynamic and raw.


Empowering Creativity

After discovering how changing a few lines could dramatically alter the emotions conveyed by the life-like portraits she drew growing up, Lynn found her freedom in abstraction. Reflecting her energy and state of mind while painting, colour outweighs shape, leaving behind the distraction of realism.

Lynn continues to explore new methods of expressing emotions she used to draw in portraits, adding unconventional materials and techniques to her works, such as aluminium and geometric stamping. She often creates series showcasing a dynamic connection between the canvasses and their vibrant colours.

“Viewers’ reactions to my work fascinate and inspire me. Although my personality is revealed through my art, I do not want to force an interpretation upon my audience.”


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Featured artwork

Title: La Soiree

Size: 140 x 180 cm

Products: Amsterdam Acrylic Series (Standard + Expert). Lynn is especially a fan of the colour Permanent Blue Violet in combination with the red. 

Featured artwork