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Tips & Techniques

Other packaging symbols

Apart from the safety symbols, other symbols can be found on the packaging.
These may be legally prescribed symbols as well as symbols that have been mutually agreed upon by certain branches of industry.

Symbol_reversed epsilon_2.jpg Reversed Epsilon
This symbol can be found on spray cans. It indicates that the products meet the legal requirements within the EU.

Symbol_shake before use_2.jpg Shake before use
Products that may no longer be a homogenous mixture after a period of time
should be shaken before use. This symbol is used for products for which this is necessary.

Symbol_GRueNE_PUNKT_2.jpg Green dot
This symbol is now used in many European countries. It indicates that a financial contribution is given to the organisation that collects and processes the packaging in that particular country.

Symbol_PE_LD 4_2.jpg Material Identification Symbol 
This symbol can mostly be found on plastic packaging materials. This symbol refers to the used material, it can be applied in the separation of waste. The figure in the symbol indicates the code of the material. For example 04 = PE-LD and 05 = PP. Below the symbol the name of the material is also mentioned.

Labels_FSC_ENG_2.jpg FSC® trademark

For Royal Talens, producing in a sustainable manner means, among other things, taking care of the environment and the immediate surrounding area. For that reason Royal Talens has its wooden products made using sustainable wood. Easels stretched canvases and brushes, therefore, carry the FSC trademark.
FSC wood is produced and processed according to the guidelines of the Forest Stewardship Council. This international organisation sets global standards for the sustainable management of forests, carefully balancing the interests of man, the environment and the economy. This helps to combat deforestation and the illegal felling of trees.



A regulation that applies solely to the United States and not to Europe is that colouring materials for artists have to be screened according to the ASTM standard D4236. This standard has been included in American legislation and
describes the way a product is assessed to determine whether it poses a danger to health. The packaging of such products should be supplied with a Conformance Statement which indicates that the product meets this standard.
In relation to this, Royal Talens is a member of the Art & Creative Materials Institute (ACMI). As part of the certification programme of this institute, the Royal Talens products are examined by a toxicologist in accordance with the above ASTM norm.
As quality mark, the products have one of the following ACMI seals. The Conformance Statement is added below these seals.

AP Seal.jpg  AP-seal
Products with the AP seal (Approved Product) seal are certified as being nonhazardous.

CL Seal Conformms to ASTM D 4236.jpg      CL-seal
Products with the CL seal (Cautionary Labelling) seal come with a warning. This product can be used safely if the safety recommendations are followed.