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Draw together with Bruynzeel this cute bat. With this step-by-step plan, everyone can draw a bat.

All you need:

  • Bruynzeel Expression pencils in the colours: light brown, dark brown, light grey, dark grey, black and pink
  • Bruynzeel graphite pencil HB
  • White paper.

Step 1

Use the HB graphite pencil to draw the global lines of the bat. Use round shapes for the legs, belly and head, triangular shapes for the ears and squares with oblique sides for the wings.


Step 2

Make the shapes rounder and erase the auxiliary lines. Make the top of the wings a bending line and make the oblique line to the body wavier. Make the head slightly pointed at the top. Make the belly fluffier by making it not perfectly round instead make slight serrated edges. also draw the eyes, nose and mouth. Don't forget the two canines! Finally, draw a wavy line in the ears to create a 3D effect as if you could look into the ears.


Step 3

Color the bat. Use the light grey colour for the wings and the outside of the ears, light brown for the belly , pink for the inside of the ears and the nose and finally black for the eyes. Side note: leaves two white circles in each eye white for the pupils.


Step 4

Now use the dark grey and dark brown colour pencils to create a more 3D effect. Make the belly browner on the left bottom and right top. Make the wing lines dark gray.

Great job, you finished your bat!

We love to see your bat. Share it with us by tagging @bruynzeel_holland and use the hashtag #stepbystepwithbruynzeel