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Felt Tips

How do I get the glitter pens to work?

The glitter pens have a pump system, which means that they work differently to a normal pen. Shake the pen to mix the ink and glitter. Take the cap off the pen and press the tip for a few seconds so that the ink runs into the tip. If this does not happen, repeat the process once or twice. You should not pump the tip up and down repeatedly, because then you may end up with a lot of ink coming out at once (see YouTube video).

Are Bruynzeel products gluten free?

If a product is gluten free, it is stated in the information on the back. Our products are also listed on the Celiac Disease Foundation website. 

Why does it say 'gluten free' on your packaging?

This is due to enquiries from the market and the NCV as to whether our products contain (traces of) gluten, as children tend to put the products in their mouths. - Gluten free is relevant to people who are gluten intolerant and therefore have celiac disease. This is an autoimmune disease that is triggered by the ingestion of gluten (the protein found in wheat, rye and barley).

Do you have information that can be used for a presentation?

Yes, we have created two great videos about the history and the production process of pencils. Take a look: video about the production and video about the history

What is the difference between a pigment and a dyestuff?

Dyestuff is not lightfast. Pigment, however, is lightfast. A drawing created with products that contain dyestuff is therefore best kept in a folder or sketchbook. If your drawing is exposed to sunlight, the colours can actually fade. This is less likely to happen with products that contain pigment.

What is the purpose of the white pen in the set of Super Point Felt Tips?

The white pen in the set of Super Point Felt Tips can be used to erase, to decorate your drawing or picture, or to write a secret message. You can also use this pen to remove any ink from the felt tips that has gotten on your clothes.

Why is there a white pen in the set of Magic Felt Tips?

The white pen in the Magic Felt Tip set produces magical colour variations! Colour in your picture or drawing with the coloured pens to make the colour indicated on the pen appear. Then go over it with the white pen and see how the colour of the ink changes to the colour of the cap!