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Talens | Pantone

Talens | Pantone

Filled with possibilities.
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Royal Talens is proud to announce a colorful collaboration with Pantone. While Pantone is famous for their universal language of color, Talens is famous for their high-quality marker inks. To combine these great strengths, we’ve decided to create a unique collection of products that allow artists and designers to work in Pantone colors.

The Talens | Pantone collection consists of markers and marker inks in 108 vivid Pantone colors and four art pads with our unique marker paper in various sizes. All colors in the collection have been meticulously formulated, adjusted and tested by Talens and approved by Pantone. The products have not only been approved but co-designed by Pantone. 

With the Talens | Pantone collection you can sketch, draw and design in Pantone colors. We’re the only brand in the world that can truly claim: the color you sketch is the color you get.

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On this page:

How to get optimal color results with Pantone colors

The Talens | Pantone markers and marker inks contain pigmented, water-based colors coordinated to the Pantone Formula Guide of the Graphics System (uncoated). While the markers can be used on other types of paper, for the best color results they should be used on Talens | Pantone marker paper. The combination of this paper and the formula of the markers allows you to layer repeatedly without damaging the paper. This smooth, yet sturdy acid-free paper helps you preserve your work for long periods of time.

The Talens | Pantone paper was specially developed to offer an optimal simulation of the Pantone Matching System™ and forms the best base for your markers.

How to get optimal color results with Pantone colors

How to refill the Talens | Pantone marker

Did you know the markers are refillable? Using the ultra-fluid Talens | Pantone marker ink you can easily refill your favorite colors. Just like the markers, the ink is available in 108 colors.

  1. Take off both caps
  2. Take a paper towel or other type of towel, and gently take the chisel nib out of the marker. It helps to twist it while you pull it out. This will not damage the nib.
  3. Put the nib aside and use the dropper in the cap of the ink bottle to carefully fill the marker. Depending on how much ink is left in the marker, you can add 3 to 5 full pipettes of marker ink.
  4. Put the chisel nib back into the marker. It does not matter which way you put it in. 5. Put the caps back on.
  5. Shake gently and you're done!

How to store the Talens | Pantone markers

To ensure optimal ink flow in both nibs, the markers should be stored horizontally. You can do this by storing them within the sets, such as the 54-piece set or the 27-piece set. Another option is the empty set, which you can fill with any nine markers of your choice.

How to store the Talens | Pantone markers

The collection

Below you can see the Talens | Pantone collection: markers, marker inks and four art pads with our special marker paper. Each of them filled with possibilities.