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Creative expression is essential to personal development. It helps our brains develop, gives us confidence, improves our motor and visual skills, encourages creative thinking and helps us recognise new opportunities and solutions. By stimulating creativity, we aim to contribute to a better and more sustainable world.

Working conditions and activities

Passionate employees

Passionate, friendly, pro-active, outward-looking and professional. Royal Talens is a great place to work because of the corporate DNA our employees share. "Royal" behaviour towards colleagues, customers and suppliers is a must.


We place a high priority on development and training for our employees. We are actively committed to our Performance Management system and many operators have successfully completed Vapro training programmes. We also provide training for our customers.


We offer internships to approximately 20 students at a secondary vocational, higher vocational and university level (MBO, HBO and WO), helping them gain work experience in a dynamic international environment. We are an accredited training company and many of our interns have been offered permanent employment at Royal Talens.


We encourage our employees to be more active by promoting outdoor walks during lunch breaks. Bicycles are also available. On top of that, we support and facilitate our staff association, which actively organises recreational activities nearly every month.

Ethical business practices

As a royal company, we also expect our suppliers to exhibit "royal" behaviour. We assess our most important suppliers on their performance in child labour, working conditions, compliance with laws and regulations, sustainability and corruption.

Working conditions and activities

Health and Safety

Health and safety for consumers and our employees is paramount at Royal Talens. Our products as well as the conditions in which they are produced comply with all health and safety legal regulations. We strive for zero accidents at work and have introduced 5S methodology in our production processes.


We meet the strictest requirements set by the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) and are among the very best in Dutch businesses when it comes to consumer safety.

Environmental code

We are also committed to the <Environmental Responsibility Code for Artists' Colours> of the CEPE, the trade association for paint and ink producers in Europe.

When formulating its products, Royal Talens limits the use of harmful raw materials as much as possible. Thanks to ongoing product development, harmless alternatives are introduced as much as possible if new insights emerge concerning the harmfulness of raw materials. If finding an alternative proves impossible, the product is then provided with a safety label. This contains all the information you need to help you work safely with the product.

Important safety information

Working with solvents

Take special care when working with auxiliaries, particularly when it comes to varnishes. Many varnishes are solvent based. These are usually (highly) flammable and harmful to your health. Be sure to work in a well-ventilated area, also in case of fire. Avoid inhaling solvents and contact with skin as much as possible.

Spontaneous ignition of soiled rags

Rags or other absorbent materials soiled with oil paint or linseed oil can ignite spontaneously as a result of self-heating. That is why it is important to soak any materials that have been used with oil or oil colours in soap and water before storing them in a closable (metal) container or jar. After use, it is best to keep soiled materials away from your workspace and store them outside.

Health and Safety

Royal Talens Foundation

Social Progress

Since its establishment in 1899, Royal Talens has proven its commitment to employees, hobbyists, creative professionals and a number of good causes. Royal Talens introduced the Talens Palet initiative in 1999 with the aim of promoting amateur artists in the Netherlands. In 2015, this initiative merged into the Royal Talens Foundation, a charitable foundation that promotes creative expression. In addition, Royal Talens has supported the Paint A Future Foundation since 2000, an organisation that helps make the dreams of less fortunate children come true through art and creativity.

Royal Talens Foundation
Social Progress Royal Talens Foundation