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Environmental Objectives


  • We strive to reduce our electricity consumption by 2% every year.
  • We have been promoting electric driving since 2015 with 6 charging points, and we aim to fully convert our passenger vehicle fleet into electric and hybrid cars in 2024. In 2019 we will start a feasibility study focused on replacing diesel lorries with electric lorries.


  • Our goal is to limit the number of preferred suppliers and partners we work with for inbound and outbound transport, with the aim of continuously reducing CO2 emissions (consolidation).
  • In order to further limit the CO2 impact of goods transport, we are increasingly sourcing raw materials, packaging materials and products from locations near our factories and distribution centres in the Netherlands, Denmark and Spain. We also aim to purchase more raw materials, packaging and trade products from Europe over the coming years.

Materials and waste

  • In order to limit the impact on the environment, when developing our products, we carefully examine ways of avoiding unnecessary packaging materials and of reducing production waste as much as possible. We use sustainable FSC certified paper and wood, recycled materials and glass instead of plastic as much as possible.
  • We aim to limit the impact on the environment in new product developments by:
    • Including less packaging throughout the entire product creation process.
    • Using packaging that is recycled or that can be recycled.
    • Replacing plastic packaging with biodegradable cardboard or bioplastics.
Environmental Objectives