Fixatives for pastels

A range of auxiliaries is available for a better adhesion of the colour or to protect the work for working with pastel, charcoal, chalk and pencils. For dry types of pastels and drawing materials, these are fixatives.

Product | Talens Concentrated fixative 064

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Talens Concentrated fixative 064

Purpose: Improving the adhesion of particles of pastels, charcoal, chalk and graphite to the surface
Composition: Colourless resins, ethanol

• In combination with pastel use preferably in every layer
• Use sparingly
• Quick-drying
• Non-yellowing
• More concentrated than Fixative for pastel 061
• Retouches the so-called ‘blooming’ (white veil formation) in colour pencil drawings
• Extremely flammable

Available in 150 ml and 400 ml spray can.

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