Ultramarine blue by Terry Moeller

For many years I have used Rembrandt soft pastels. As a landscape painter, I find that the colors give a luminous effect unlike any other. The pastels are always consistent in texture and allow for the depiction of ambient light through the gradation of color and value. The Ultramarine blues in Rembrandt pastels are true to those found in the daylight sky. Ultramarine blue combined with warm colors is effective in depicting atmospheric perspective. I first tone my paper with a warm color such as Rose Madder # 331.5 or Carmine # 318.5 before applying the Ultramarine. Next I layer Ultramarine # 506 over the warm color, using light, medium and darker values. A hint of pale Ochre # 227.9 is applied to the lighter area of the sky near the horizon. After rendering the landscape, I add touches of Ultramarine blue into the foreground in order to create a sense of reflective light from the sky.

Terry Moeller