31 January 2019

Royal Talens celebrates the Year of Rembrandt together with partner the Rijksmuseum

2019 will be an exceptional year for Royal Talens and the Rijksmuseum. During the Year of Rembrandt they celebrate the anniversary for one of the world’s most respected artists, Rembrandt van Rijn. Since his death precisely 350 years ago, he is remembered as the great master of the Golden Age and for his iconic masterpiece, the Night Watch. In 1899, precisely 120 years ago, the world was also introduced to Rembrandt, the artists’ brand, which Royal Talens proudly introduced to the market on the same year as the company’s foundation. Royal Talens is celebrating this year with a calendar full of activities and promotions.

Year Of Rembrandt Pilaar Creativeworld2019Year of Rembrandt artists’ box
Royal Talens is bringing out a unique limited edition artists’  box entirely dedicated to the artist and paint brand Rembrandt. Only 120 specimens of this spectacular box, valued at €3500, are being made. They will contain all 120 oil colours of the range as well as various auxiliaries for painting with oils. The video shows how the box works.
A limited edition compact version of the box is also being brought out, which contains 10 oil colours and artists’ materials that Rembrandt would often use.

Win the ultimate Rembrandt Experience
During the year of Rembrandt, Royal Talens is organising an international competition for artists with as theme ‘How has Rembrandt inspired you?’ The winners will receive the ultimate Rembrandt Experience: a trip to the Netherlands during which he or she will be fully immersed in everything to do with Rembrandt, such as a visit to the paint factory where Rembrandt paint is produced according to traditional methods, a visit to the artist’s home and the Rijksmuseum, where they can marvel at his work and where the winning works of art will be displayed during a dinner for the winners. Find out more on rembrandtartexperience.

A Rembrandt colour for each year
Royal Talens is celebrating the 120th anniversary of Rembrandt by also bringing out 40 new colours in the Rembrandt water colour range. The new range, which as a result will feature 120 colours, comprises the most innovative of pigments and colours that were not previously available for water colourists.

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is the museum of the Netherlands. The collection provides an overview of Dutch art and history, which includes the work of 17th century Dutch masters such as Rembrandt, Vermeer and Hals.

Rembrandt Artists’ colours
Rembrandt is a legendary name for a range that is known for its superior and unparalleled quality. It has been developed through pure craftsmanship and artistic insight and is based on the best raw materials. This allows Rembrandt products to boast unique characteristics such as maximum fineness, lightfastness and durability.

Creative expression to share!
Royal Talens inspires. For 120 years, Royal Talens has been stimulating creative expression worldwide; by developing high-quality brands and products that stimulate people to paint and draw. Royal Talens uses the worldwide recognition that their brands enjoy along with its in-depth knowledge of the markets and their needs to facilitate and support professional and amateur artists throughout the world in producing new work.

Royal Talens’ innovative character stimulates constant innovation. Royal Talens encourages creative amateurs and professionals all over the world to push back their boundaries and to ‘rediscover’ themselves. Royal Talens believes that creative expression is very important; a passion to share and to develop further.