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Art academies

Art academies

More and more art academies in various countries are removing solvents from classrooms due to the impact they can have on students’ and educators’ health and the environment. This has meant that fewer students are now working with oil paints during their studies. We feel this is a worrying development in the art world in terms of classical skills being lost, since oil colours have been used for centuries by old masters. 

At Royal Talens, we strongly feel that oil painting is a technique that students should learn when studying art. Today’s students are the future art educators of the coming generations, so if they stop using oil paints, this wonderful technique is in danger of being forgotten over time, which in turn could result in the loss of an important part of art history.  

We have the solution: Cobra oil colours! Our Royal Talens lab has created Cobra: an innovative, professional-quality oil paint with the same high-quality pigments and viscosity of traditional oil paint, but that can be mixed with water, so those harmful solvents are not necessary anymore! This complete line of water-mixable oil paints, mediums and more is perfect for use in classrooms and studios. Cobra oil paint meets the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own creative needs. 


Join us in proudly claiming a solvent-free future:

  • Oil painting without having to use solvents
  • Healthy environment
  • Easily clean materials with soap and water
  • Professional-quality oil paint

Find out more about Cobra!