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Bruynzeel Pastel

Pastel Pencils Box 24

  • 8840H24

24 pastel pencils in a deluxe storage box.

Make the finest pastel drawings with these superior pastel pencils. The perfect harmony between the colours and the colour core of Ø 3.8 mm helps you in this, together with the excellent colour transfer and high quality colour pigments. 

Can be mixed with one another and used for watercolouring. 

Also available separatly in 48 different colours.


Content sets:

8840H12 Design Box 12 01-25-31-38-53-50-55-65-60-27-46-10

8840H24 Design Box 24 01-75-25-22-47-10-31-38-36-92-53-50-55-51-67-65-64-60-27-46-43-44-74-94

8840H48 Design Box 48 01-75-19-21-25-22-47-16-18-23-31-36-38-92-53-30-93-52-58-50-54-77-55-51-14-76-67-96-65-64-66-60-29-48-27-4624-41-42-45-43-44-81-10-74-78-88-94.

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