Water colour brushes

Talens Art Creation has a wide range of quality brushes for different types of paint and techniques. The brushes vary in size, hair type and shape.

Hair type
For the brushes of Talens Art Creation both natural and synthetic hair is used:
- Filament consists of synthetic fibres (polyester) and is suitable for all types of paint. Due to the strength and resiliency of polyester, filament brushes are highly suited for oil and acrylic colours. As the filament brush absorbs moisture well, it is also suited for water colour and gouache.
- Red sable hair is very popular among water colourists. Red sable hair can absorb a great deal of very thin paint, is highly resilient and when wet has a very sharp point. It is possible to paint fine details as well as large sections with it.
- Pony hair is an affordable soft type of hair that absorbs water well. Pony hair brushes are therefore ideally suited for water colour and gouache.

Brush shape
Brushes are available in various shapes.
- A round brush is suitable for more detailed work.
- With a flat brush, the so-called 'Gussow model', you paint larger sections and small, flat brush strokes.
- A flat one-stroke liner has a long hair bundle for applying flat and wide brush strokes and for painting and wetting large surfaces.

Brush size
The size of the hair bundle of your brush is very important. For fine work you use a thin brush. For larger colour sections it is better to use a finer brush. The size of the brush is indicated by a number: the higher the number, the thicker the hair bundle.