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Making 3D art with blind and partially sighted people

Making 3D art with blind and partially sighted people

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Christel de Buyser organizes workshops in The Netherlands for blind and partially sighted people (these are also often young people). Together they create 3D art during these workshops. The Royal Talens Foundation made a donation for the workshops, so that blind and partially sighted people find their way to 3D art making.

Experience of a participant

Patricia was one of the participants. She was asked by her visually impaired friends to paint with Christel and thought: “Yes, then I have to paint there. I am anything but creative. What am I supposed to do there?” Yet, Patricia came along and she really liked it and relaxe. Patricia has had 3% vision all her life and never imagined she could do something like this. “It has been really good for my confidence, because I really thought I would never be able to make something fun like this,” says Patricia.

Our support

At Royal Talens Foundation, we think it is great that we can also support these types of projects! View the beautiful 3D artworks below. 

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Beautiful Project by our US Ambassador

Beautiful Project by our US Ambassador

The American artist Gregory Burns, one of the Royal Talens US ambassadors, wanted to do something for the Ukrainian refugees. And it turned into a beautiful project!
Sail a Future

Sail a Future

For years now, the Royal Talens Foundation has supported the projects of Hetty van der Linden. First Paint a Future and now Sail a Future. Sail a Future is a beautiful collaboration with Sail Harlingen, which took place from 14 to 17 July.

UPDATE: Bags of colour for Ukrainian refugees

Back in April we prepared 10.000 bags full of colourful art supplies for Ukrainian parents and children who were forced to seek refuge. We recently got some photos from children who received the bags.