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Online Art Auction 3-12 June
Royal Talens Foundation x Catawiki x SOS Children’s Villages

Online Art Auction 3-12 June

Creativity is an essential part of being a child, wherever we live. From 3-12 June, we are supporting SOS Children’s Villages to spread the power of creativity around the world with our first ever online Art Auction. In cooperation with CataWiki, the Art Auction will raise funds for creative therapy, so children get the outlet for expression and creativity they need to grow and thrive. SOS Children’s Villages works in 130 countries across the globe, including flashpoints such as Ukraine and Poland. 30 brilliant artists will participate in the Art Auction, with names like Nard Kwast, Ghazi Baker and Jonna Hyttinen donating their masterpieces to support this powerful creative therapy project.

“I hope that with my own charity donations I can inspire others to gain a social conscience and particularly to give special significance to children’s creative education.“

- Katja van Strijk (participating artist)

Supporting creativity in SOS Children's Villages

Art can play a pivotal role in trauma recovery. It’s also a fundamental and transformative aspect of education, offering children and adults alike a real chance to follow their dreams, talents and imagination. Together, the Royal Talens Foundation and SOS Children’s Villages want to make a major contribution to creative learning for vulnerable children and young adults. With the funds raised by the Art Auction, SOS Children’s Villages will collaborate with professional therapists and teachers to give creative therapy and art classes to the children and young adults who need it most. By building a long-term partnership with SOS Children’s Villages, our mission is to ensure that children and young adults everywhere have access to creative learning.


Curious about all the amazing pieces up for auction?

Check them out right here!

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RTF Art Collection at the CODA Museum

RTF Art Collection at the CODA Museum

The Royal Talens Foundation owns an extensive art collection of over 200 pieces of art. From December 2021 till March 2022, a carefully selected collection of these pieces could be admired in the CODA museum in The Netherlands.
'Art for a Cause' SOS Children's Villages South Africa

'Art for a Cause' SOS Children's Villages South Africa

On March 19, at 4 locations of SOS Children's Villages South Africa, no fewer than 11 artists were painting together with the children.