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Event SOS Children's Villages South Africa

Event SOS Children's Villages South Africa

2 weekends in June, 5/6 and 12/13 June, a great art event takes place. At 4 locations of SOS Children's Villages, 80 children will paint under the supervision of 16 artists.

Extravaganza event

The so-called Extravaganza event is hopefully the start of a long collaboration. As far as we are concerned, we will be carrying out many more activities that will contribute to good creative education for these children


3 parties are involved; our distributor Silverray, SOS Children's Villages South Africa and the Royal Talens Foundation. We work closely together to make this event a great success.

Without the great help of our customer Bidvest, Shaun Attwell, we would not be able to realize this partnership. We are very grateful to him for that.

Online auction

The artworks the children develop, will be sold during an online auction in June. Hopefully this results in a high amount for SOS Children's Villages!


What is important to mention; the artists who are going to paint with the children do this entirely voluntarily! These are the 16 artists


Read about our projects

Christmas gifts for refugee center, Netherlands

Christmas gifts for refugee center, Netherlands

Beautiful bags, made available by a friend, filled with beautiful products from Royal Talens, made possible by the Royal Talens Foundation. Various color materials and several Christmas coloring books and also textile markers to decorate the bags. A beautiful Christmas present for the families who are in the AZC in Haren.
SOS children's villages - Poland

SOS children's villages - Poland

This year again the Royal Talens Foundation has collaborated a lot with SOS children's villages. Likewise in Poland, where various art classes, workshops and other activities were held for the children and teenagers.
Tekenen voor Kinderen - The Netherlands

Tekenen voor Kinderen - The Netherlands

For more than 14 years, the Drawing for Children foundation has been drawing in hospitals, asylum seekers' centers, rehabilitation centers and medical nurseries. A group of professional illustrators who want to give children in special situations a small, magical moment by means of a drawing. United in a national foundation, responsible for more than 1200 drawing sessions on an annual basis, represented in more than 75 locations.