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Taking care of your watercolourpaper

Taking care of your watercolourpaper

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Paper is a fragile medium and should be well cared for, both while working and after your artwork is finished. Watercolours can be varnished. In addition to providing a protective layer, the varnish can also add a bit of shine to your work.

Varnish helps you protect your work from moisture and dirt. You can also choose not to varnish your work, and instead place it in a frame with UV-resistant glass. If you plan to varnish your work, use the Talens 680 Protecting Spray, which prevents the paint from smearing, as watercolour paint is not waterproof.

If you are going to work with a lot of water, it is wise to add a small amount of Talens 008 Arabic Gum to preserve your paint film.

Expert tip


Paper needs to be free of grease if you want the watercolour paint to adhere well. With Talens 051 Ox Gall you can create a grease-free surface, optimising the adhesive properties of your watercolours.

Picture left: Beading paint on greasy fingerprint.

Picture right: Using Ox Gall.

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