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EU safety labels

In the manufacture of its products Royal Talens limits the use of hazardous raw materials as much as possible. Due to continuous product development, with new insights into the harmfulness of raw materials, Royal Talens applies harmless alternatives as much as possible. If it is not possible or if it is undesirable to replace a certain hazardous substance, then it is often inevitable that the relevant products are given a safety label. In this way the user is informed on how to work with the product safely.

EU - safety labels

In order to clarify to users the dangers of certain products and how to use them safely, a number of Talens products have been given a safety label. These labels have been preparedin accordance with EC Regulation 1272/2008, also known as the CLP Regulation. CLP stands for Classification Labelling and Packaging. Through this Regulation the worldwide system for classification and labelling, the GHS (Globally Harmonised System) developed by the United Nations, has been implemented in law. CLP is therefore also referred to as EU-GHS.

Safety symbols

Depending on the type of hazard the following symbols are used on our products:

 This is used for flammable products

 Labels_exclam_2.jpg This indicates health hazards posed by products that are harmful and cause irritation.

Labels_silhouete_2.jpg This indicates, for example, aspiration toxicity and toxicity to certain organs. (aspiration means inhalation of fluids in the lungs)

Labels_Aquatic-pollut_2.jpg This is used for products that are hazardous to the aquatic environment.

In addition to the symbols, there are other elements on the hazard label:

Signal word
A signal word indicates the level of danger. There are two signal words:
Danger – for products that pose a severe hazard.
Warning – for products that pose a less severe hazard.

Hazard statement and Precautionary statement
Hazard statements describe the risks in relation to the product’s hazard category.

• Flammable liquids and vapours.
• Harmful upon inhalation.
• Repeated exposure may cause skin dryness or cracking.

Precautionary statement describe the measures to prevent or minimise adverse effects when using /storing the product.

• Keep out of the reach of children.
• Keep away from heat/sparks/open fire/hot surfaces
• UPON CONTACT WITH SKIN: wash with plenty of soap and water.

Identification of the hazardous substances present.
For a number of hazard categories the names of the substances need to be stated when those substances contribute to the hazard category of the product.

Tactile warning
For a number of hazard categories, in addition to the above labelling elements, a “Tactile Warning” needs to be displayed on the packaging. In this way, the blind and visually impaired can feel that the packaging contains a hazardous product. This is a triangular symbol (usually 19 mm) made by a raised embossed impression on the packaging.