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Koi fish
Step-by-step plan

Koi fish

Koi fish have complicated patterns and can be hard to paint. This free tutorial helps you to paint koi fish using gouache. Watch the video, follow the steps and read the tips carefully. After that, you are ready to put it into practice!

Tools & supplies

  • Paper block
  • Tear-off palette
  • Gouache 12x12ml
  • Brushes; round size 6, filament and flat size 10, filament flat size 14, bristle.
  • Water


Gouache is an opaque paint that is thinned with water. Surfaces can be painted matt without leaving any stripes. However, it is also highly suited to detailed work. As this paint dries within a few minutes, it is very practical to use. Gouache is not waterproof when dry, which means that when you add a little water to the dried colours they can be reworked. Before Gouache can be used, it first has to be thinned with a little water otherwise it is too thick to use. The more water you add, the more transparent the paint becomes.
Talens Art Creation

Talens Art Creation has an easy online video series where you can learn about art and how to paint. The series contains different videos about painting with various techniques such as watercolour, oil paint, acrylics but also glass paint, textile colours, etc.  
Talens Art Creation is created by Royal Talens to teach painters about different and new techniques. These videos help painters become more skilled by showing techniques in practice. You will learn how to paint flowers, birds, landscapes and much more.
The videos are suitable for everyone, no matter their level of experience. Watch and enjoy the videos from Talens Art Creation and become a painting expert!