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Van Gogh Oil Pastels

Oil Pastel Complete Collection Set with 60 Colours

    Van Gogh oil pastels are briliant colours made with pure pigments, mineral oils, and wax binders for a remarkably soft and smooth laydown with no dust. Wonderful tinting strength and easy colour transfer. Suitable on various grounds. This 60-stick general colour selection set includes: White(5) (100.5), colourless(5) (120.5), Yellow(5) (200.5), Yellow(9) (200.9), Light Yellow(5) (201.5), Light Yellow(9) (201.9), Deep Yellow(5) (202.5), Deep Yellow(9) (202.9), Lemon Yellow(5) (205.5), Yellow Ochre(5) (227.5), Yellow Ochre(7) (227.7), Gold Ochre(5) (231.5), Raw Sienna(5) (234.5), Orange(5) (235.5), Light Orange(5) (236.5), Greenish Yellow(5) (243.5), Greenish Yellow(9) (243.9), Vermillion(5) (311.5), Carmine(5) (318.5), Carmine(7) (318.7), Scarlet(5) (334.5), Scarlet(7) (334.7), Scarlet(9) (334.9), Indian Red(5) (347.5)Deep Rose(5) (362.5), Vandyke Brown(5) (403.5), Raw Umber(5) (408.5), Burnt Umber(5) (409.5), Burnt Sienna(5) (411.5), Sepia(5) (416.5), Ultramarine(5) (504.5), Ultramarine(9) (504.9), Ultramarine Violet(5) (507.5), Prussian Blue(5) (508.5), Turquoise Blue(5) (522.5), Turquoise Blue(9) (522.9), Cerulean Blue Phthalo(5) (535.5), Cerulean Blue Phthalo(7) (535.7), Violet(5) (536.5), Red Violet(7) (545.7), Red Violet(9) (545.9), Blue Violet(5) (548.5), Blue Violet(7) (548.7), Phthalo Blue(3) (570.3), Phthalo Blue(5) (570.5), Permanent Green Medium(5) (614.5), Permanent Green Medium(7) (614.7), Viridian(3) (616.3), Sap Green(5) (623.5), Fir Green(5) (654.5), Phthalo Green(5) (675.5), Black(5) (700.5), Green Grey(5) (709.5), Cold Grey(7) (717.7), Warm Grey(5) (718.5), Warm Grey(8) (718.8), Silver(5) (800.5), Light Gold(5) (802.5), Deep Gold(5) (803.5), Pearlescent White(5) (830.5).
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