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Talens Art Creation

Watercolour pocket box

  • 9022112M

This convenient set of watercolours contains everything you need to paint beautiful watercolour paintings on the go! The sturdy plastic pocket box contains 12 pans of watercolour paint, a travel-size watercolour brush and a sponge to quickly clean your brush with. The lid has plenty of space to mix your colours on.

Since the box is so conveniently sized, you can take it with you everywhere you go to create wonderful plein air paintings. Talens Art Creation also offers sets of 8, 12 and 24 tubes, and a starter set with everything you need to begin your watercolour painting journey.

Contents: 12 pans (108 Chinese White – 205 Lemon Yellow (Primary) – 200 Yellow – 311 Vermilion – 326 Alizarin Crimson – 535 Cerulean Blue (Phthalo) – 504 Ultramarine – 617 Yellowish Green – 602 Deep Green – 227 Yellow Ochre – 409 Burnt Umber – 708 Payne’s Grey), reversible brush, sponge.


About Talens Art Creation watercolours

Talens Art Creation watercolour is a transparent paint that is applied thinned with water. The more water you use, the lighter the colour of the paint becomes. As a result, you can work with many transparent layers on top of one another to create beautiful colour effects. Watercolours are not waterproof when dry, so you can rework the paint using water if necessary. Use these colours on dry paper to create sharp details and wet your paper to let the colours flow gently and create seamless colour transitions.


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