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Gelly Roll set Bright White | 2 pens, size 08

This blister packaging contains two Gelly Roll White pens 08. The bright opaque white ink of this Gelly Roll pen tands out on dark and colored papers and makes highlights pop in illustrations and comics. The medium 0.8 mm tip writes a 0,4 mm line. Use it for handlettering accents, party crafts, layered on top of colors for mixed media and bright highlights in tonal drawings. Elevate your art to another level using the range of thick and thin lines, small detail and unique bold marks. Ideal for Hand lettering, Scrapbooking, arts and crafts, Mixed media, Adding highlights to illustrations and comics, Notes, Journals, Colouring, Letters, Invitations and Handmade cards. The Gelly Roll is the world's best gel writer, thanks to ink with water-based pigment. The unique gel ink technology ensures smooth writing results as the ink flow from the pen is always constant, without exerting any pressure. The Gelly Roll Bright White is available in 3 nib sizes: 05 Fine (0.5 mm ball / 0.3 mm line), 08 Medium (0.8 mm ball / 0.4 mm line) and 10 Bold (1.0 mm ball / 0.5 line).

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