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Watercolour journal A5 (25% cotton) | 14.8 x 21 cm, 200 g, 30 sheets

  • 93071003

Rembrandt cold-pressed watercolour paper is made with high-quality cotton linters (25%). The paper features a medium-grain texture, which makes it suitable for various watercolour and gouache techniques.

The sturdy cover of this journal protects the paintings inside and offers a stable surface to work on, which makes it the perfect companion for plein-air work.

This hard-bound journal contains 30 sheets (60 pages) of 200 g/m² (90 lbs) paper that is glued on one side to ensure stability. Rembrandt watercolour paper is acid-free, pH-neutral and buffered to guarantee the durability of the paper and longevity of the artwork.


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