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Oil colour wooden box set Luxury | 7 x 15 ml + 12 x 40 ml + 3 x 60 ml + accessories

  • 01840009

Rembrandt oil paint has been developed through pure skill and artistic insight and is based on the best raw materials. These extra-fine quality oil colours have a uniform viscosity and are crafted with a high concentration of premium-quality pigments that offer the highest degree of lightfastness.

Rembrandt oil colour

  • Buttery oil paint with a pasty consistency for a clear brush stroke
  • Ground multiple times on a triple roller mill to create an artists’ quality fineness
  • Offers a uniform viscosity and the highest degrees of lightfastness
  • Available in 120 very pure and intense colours, including 57 mono-pigmented colours
  • Skilfully crafted in the Netherlands since 1899


Contents: 7 x 15 ml tubes (242 Aureoline – 281 Transparent Yellow Green – 615 Emerald Green – 530 Sèvres Blue – 582 Manganese Blue Phthalo – 576 Phthalo Blue Greenish – 735 Oxide Black), 12 x 40 ml tubes (254 Permanent Lemon Yellow – 285 Permanent Yellow Deep – 311 Vermilion – 377 Permanent Red Medium – 366 Quinacridone Rose – 506 Ultramarine Deep – 568 Permanent Blue Violet – 623 Sap Green – 227 Yellow Ochre – 411 Burnt Sienna – 408 Raw Umber – 409 Burnt Umber) and 3 x 60 ml tubes (104 Zinc White – 105 Titanium White – 118 Titanium White (linseed oil)).

This luxurious wooden box also contains a wooden palette, a double palette cup, 3 charcoal sticks, 3 synthetic fibre brushes, a painting knife, a bottle of painting medium, a bottle of odourless white spirit and a colour mixing guide.


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