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Acrylic colour wooden box Professional | 15 x 40 ml + accessories

  • 18840003

Rembrandt acrylic colour is a 'high-quality' artists' paint that meets the strict requirement of today's artists. You can expect the very best from this paint. Very strong an brilliant colours. Heavy-body paint for clear brush strokes. Highest degree of lightfastness.

This wooden box Professional includes 15 tubes of 40ml: Titanum White (105), Napels Yellow Red (224), Yellow Ochre (227), Permanent Orange (266), Azo yellow Lemon (267), Azo Yellow Medium (269), Carmine (318), Naphthol Red Medium (396), Burnt Umber (409), Ultramarine (504), Brilliant Blue (564), Emerald Green (615), Yellowish Green (617), Sap Green (623), Oxide Black (735). This box also includes 75 ml Talens Acrylic medium mat, 75 ml Talens Acrylic varnish glossy, 3 brushes: - series 290 no. 12, series 291 no. 6, series 292 no. 8 (polyester fibres, selected filament), a  painting knife no. 3012, a double palette cup, a tube with 3 sticks charcoal, a wooden palette and a Colour mixing brochure.

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