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Katja van Strijk

Katja van Strijk

Katja van Strijk, artist and technical advisor at Royal Talens, referee and member of the Swiss Association of Colours VSF.

“Sometimes amusing, sometimes full of mystery.”

About Katja van Strijk

Katja van Strijk was born 1973 in Zofingen, Switzerland. After attending the translation school in Zürich and several internships abroad, she never stopped developing her career as painter. The artworks of Katja van Strijk show exquisite combinations of colours and textures, which she harmonizes within her work. Her paintings show us an open dialogue, a wide range of possibilities.


Empowering creativity

Inspired by diversity, Katja embraces the uniqueness of each country she has had the good fortune to visit, as well as the individuality of each person she meets. She feels lucky to have met such a wide range of diverse people from all over the world. It is these experiences that influence Katja and move her to create.

Katja’s works are full of matter; rich and elaborate, they show exquisite combinations of colours and textures, which she harmonizes with her imagery. Her paintings create an open dialogue, leading to a wide range of possibilities as to the story behind her works. Sometimes amusing, sometimes full of mystery her paintings pull the viewer in, leaving the viewer wanting to learn more about the subjects portrayed.

“Diversity awareness to me means one’s ability to embrace the uniqueness of each individual regardless of their differences in cultural background, religious belief, ethnicity, age, gender and not to forget economic status.”


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By Katja

Featured artwork

Title: Twisted Again

Size: 80 x 120 cm

Used product: Amsterdam acrylic paint

Featured artwork By Katja