Water colours

Van Gogh water colours are a transparent paint with intense colours. All colours have the highest degree of lightfastness. Thanks to their purity you can easily mix and wash the colours to the finest of nuances. Lively colours are the result! The wide range of 72 colours is available in tubes and pans. There is also a wide selection of sets that are handy to take with you. Always ready for use!

• Easy colour transfer
• Strong and highly transparent colours
• Uniform viscosity of the various colours
• All colours are highly lightfast, even when thinned a great deal

Product | Van Gogh water colour tube 10 ml

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Van Gogh water colour tube 10 ml

Van Gogh
Available in 40 colours

Hannie: “I regard working with water colours as a game with paint. I want something but the paint wants something different, so together we combine to make ‘something’ attractive. Just like a good yachtsman. He doesn't simply go where the wind blows him, and yet the wind is his best friend.

Another world
Once I am working it's like I am in another world. My brush darts across the paper, back to the paint and then across the paper again. Water colouring requires working quickly and with concentration. The paint has a will of its own and so you have to guide it in order to obtain the desired effects. Sometimes it appears as if the paint is getting the upper hand, which can also lead to positive results.

Working with spontaneity
You will work more spontaneously if you are familiar with more techniques and allow your feelings free rein. Many people do not dare this, but you'll find that if you try this you can get great enjoyment from painting.”
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