Acrylic colours

Van Gogh acrylic colours are a versatile paint with a study palette of 40 strong and brilliant colours. The acrylic paint is pasty so that the brush stroke remains clearly visible. You can also mix the paint with water to make it thinner or more transparent. Due to the short drying time it is possible to paint various layers over one another relatively quickly. The high degree of lightfastness ensures that the works of art retain their vibrant and original colours for a very long time.

• Strong and intense colours
• High pigment content
• Heavy-body paint for clear brush-stroke
• Good to excellent lightfastness so that the colour is retained over time

Product | Van Gogh acrylic colour tube 40 ml

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Van Gogh acrylic colour tube 40 ml

Van Gogh
Available in 40 colours

Katja: “I have unbridled energy! Everything I do is done at the same speed, fast! My fingers are my most important tools. I use brushes of various sizes for the details. The mysterious figures that you always see in my work are powerful and striking.

Acrylic colours, oil pastels and Indian ink
I paint with acrylic colours, oil pastels and Indian ink. It is these combined techniques that give me what I need. I use the acrylic colours for my foundation, and oil pastels to create interesting compositions within this. I then use the Indian ink at the end to guide the eye.

Just start!
My motto? Do not be afraid of the white canvas. Just start. If you make a mistake, then this is often an opportunity to discover something new or unusual.”
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