Water colour varnish

It is not usually necessary to varnish a water colour. A water colour is normally framed behind
glass or sealed in some other way. If there is, however, a particular reason to provide a water colour with maximum protection against moisture, for example moist fingers, then a varnish is
certainly advised.

Product | Talens Protecting spray 680

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Talens Protecting spray 680

Purpose: Protecting works carried out in, for example, gouache, water colour and inks
Composition: Colourless, non-yellowing acrylic resin, dissolved in, amongst others, white spirit

• Short drying time
• Layer thickness determines the degree of gloss (a thick layer gives a higher gloss)
• Makes matt paint layers more transparent and colours deeper
• Does not yellow
• Water resistant when dry, making the painting less susceptible to moisture
• Store in a cool and dry place
• Extremely flammable

Available in 150 ml and 400 ml spray can.

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