Varnishes for oil colour

Talens varnishes give a durable protection to your oil painting.

Product | Talens Dammar varnish glossy 081

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Talens Dammar varnish glossy 081

Purpose: Protecting an oil painting
Composition: Dammar resin, turpentine oil

• Traditional final varnish
• Apply when paint film has completely dried (approx. 1 year with normal layer thickness)
• Dries in a few hours
• May show signs of ageing after some time such as yellowing and crackling
• Gives a high gloss
• Mixing with Dammar varnish matt 082 reduces the degree of gloss
• Can be thinned with turpentine, clean brushes with white spirit or turpentine
• Dry varnish coats can be removed with turpentine
• Highly flammable

Available in 75 ml and 250 ml.

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