The quality of the preparation determines to a large degree the eventual durability of the work.
Paper, cardboard, wood, cotton and linen, for example, can serve as grounds for oil colour, but not without first being treated. An untreated or insufficiently prepared ground would absorb the oil from the paint and would eventually be damaged by the oil. A layer of paint must have enough oil to surround the pigments and to form a good film. Only then are the pigments sufficiently bonded and early cracks avoided. Talens Gesso Primer has all the necessary properties for a durable result.

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Talens Gesso primer 1001

Purpose: Making a universal preparatory coat on various absorbent grounds
Composition: Acrylic resin dispersion, titanium dioxide

• Provides good adhesion for oil colours, acr ylic colours, gouache, etc.
• Suitable for absorbent grounds that are free of dust and grease, such as artistsf canvas, wood, plywood, hardboard, cardboard and paper
• Suitable as preparation for murals on (alkaline) grounds such as fresh concrete, stucco and bricks
• Very absorbent grounds must first be treated with Amsterdam Acrylic binder
• Can be coloured with acr ylic colour
• Thinnable with water
• Dries within a few hours, after 24 hour it can be painted over with oil colour
• Apply at temperatures above 10‹C, do not freeze
• Clean utensils with water

Available in buckets of 1, 5 and 10 litre.

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