Cobra painting varnishes

A varnish, for example, can protect a painting for a long time.

Cobra varnish:
• offers protection against aging of the paint, dust, dirt and the like
• gives the painting an even sheen
• adheres well to the underlying paint layer
• does not turn yellow
• does not crack
• can be easily removed if necessary (also after many years).

Product | Cobra varnish matt 103, 400 ml

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Cobra varnish matt 103, 400 ml

Purpose: Permanent protection of an oil painting (final varnish).
Composition: Synthetic resin, matting agents (silicas), odourless white spirit

• Gives a matt gloss
• Apply when the paint layer is completely dry (at least 6 months)
• Does not yellow
• Dries within a few hours
• Dry varnish layers can be removed with white spirit
• Extremely flammable

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