Amsterdam modeling paste and gesso have the same specific ingredients, After drying they
leave an ‘open’ paint film allowing you to work on it with all types of paint. The perfect start for your canvas!

Product | Amsterdam gesso transparent 3000

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Amsterdam gesso transparent 3000

Purpose: Applying a universal preparatory layer on various absorbent grounds.
Composition: Acrylic resin dispersion, transparent extender

• Provides good adhesion for acrylic paint, oil paint and gouache, etc.
• Suitable for absorbent grounds that are free of dust and grease, such as artists’ canvas (linen, cotton, etc.), wood, plywood, hardboard, cardboard and paper
• Suitable as preparation for murals on (alkaline) grounds such as fresh concrete, stucco and bricks
• Very absorbent grounds must first be pre-sized with Amsterdam acrylic binder 005
• Can be mixed with Amsterdam gesso white 1001, Amsterdam gesso black 3007
• Can be colored with acrylic paint
• Thinnable with water
• Waterproof when dry
• Use at temperatures above 10° C
• Store frost-free
• Clean utensils with water

Available in 250 ml and 500 ml

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