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Are looking for special effects or structure to add to your painting? In the effect medium category you can find various mediums that you can use directly from the jar or mix with AMSTERDAM acrylics. These effect mediums offer you the possibility to add a new dimension to your work for more creative expression.

Product | Amsterdam glow in the dark medium 122

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Amsterdam glow in the dark medium 122

Purpose: Provides a glowing effect in the dark.
Composition: Acrylic resin dispersion, phosphorescent pigment

• To be applied preferably as the final layer on the work for optimal results
• Afterglow time greatly depends on the light source and time of exposure to the light
• Mixing with other colors will greatly reduce the glow effect
• Best applied on white white grounds
• Waterproof when dry
• Use at temperatures above 10° C
• Store frost-free
• Clean utensils with water

Available in 500 ml

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