15 February 2019

Royal Talens surprises with a new line, Talens Art Creation Creative

2019 starts with the introduction of a brand-new Talens Art Creation line with more than 400 products for the creative hobbyist and DIY enthusiast. As an addition to the existing Fine Art range, Talens is introducing the Art Creation Creative paint lines Deco & Craft (which includes Indoor & Outdoor, Vintage Chalk paint, Metallic, Effect Liner and Concrete paste), Glass & Porcelain and Textile. In doing so, Royal Talens supports creativity in the broadest sense of the word: the supply of excellent materials and information that inspire both the starting and experienced hobbyist.

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For whom?
Talens Art Creation Creative is intended for anyone who wants to make something for in or around the house. Whether you are a creative hobbyist or a DIY enthusiast, or want to paint, decorate your cushions or bring new life to your old furniture. With the Talens Art Creation Creative products you will always be able to give shape to your ideas. Creativity is a good way to relax and can also be very satisfying. Experiment and surprise yourself and others.

The new concept
“We are responding to a growing consumer demand,” says Wendy Brouwers, International Brand Manager at Talens Art Creation. “People around the world are striving for a more balanced and ‘creative’ lifestyle. With our new ‘Creative’ line we are meeting the increasing demand for excellent and affordable materials for creative hobby and DIY projects. With our products and inspiration we want to show that creating is fun and doesn't have to be difficult.”

In addition to the paint lines Deco & Craft, Glass & Porcelain and Textile, Talens Art Creation provides inspiration and instructions in the form of how-to videos, step-by-step plans and clear explanations regarding the products. There is a comprehensive range of individual packs as well as handy sets. Practical, simple and within everyone's grasp.

The essential ingredient is joy.

Total solution
Since its introduction in 2008, Talens Art Creation has grown into a global Fine Art brand with oil, acrylic and water colour paints, gouache, pastels and accessories such as brushes, paper, stretched canvases and artists’ easels.

With the introduction of the Creative line, Talens Art Creation is developing into one of the widest ranges of creative materials for both starters and advanced users. Talens Art Creation thereby provides a total solution for products that stimulate your imagination and bring out the creativity and artist in you.”

Talens Art Creation provides a complete and wide range to retailers, from small stationery and hobby shops to major outlets. This one-stop-shop concept for creative products allows all retailers to offer a carefully selected range of excellent materials at the best possible price. All the painting products come from Royal Talens’ own factories in the Netherlands and Denmark.

About Royal Talens
Royal Talens is a manufacturer of artists’ paints and supplier of a wide range of creative materials. Founded in 1899, Royal Talens is a leading player in the global fine art market with well-known brands such as Bruynzeel, Sakura, Talens, Ecoline, Amsterdam, Rembrandt, Cobra and Van Gogh.

Royal Talens wants to make the world a more beautiful place. We do this by producing our high-quality paints in the most intense of colours, with which artists throughout the world can produce inspirational works and creative people can express themselves.  But also by operating in a socially responsible manner, now and in the future. Creative expression has true value; a passion to be shared and developed.