07 February 2018

Oscar nominated Loving Vincent was hand-painted with Dutch oil paint

Loving Vincent, the world's first, fully hand-painted feature film, has been nominated for the Oscar for best Animated Feature Film. Directors Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman and a team of 125 artists used Van Gogh oil colours from Dutch paint producer Royal Talens to bring Vincent van Gogh's masterpieces to life.

Every second of the movie is made up of 12 separate oil paintings, resulting in no fewer than 65,000 hand-painted frames. It took the makers six years to create this film about Vincent van Gogh's life and his mysterious death.

"We needed an excellent paint, given that 125 artists would be working with it and this paint was the only thing spectators were going to see,” said Welchman (Oscar winner in 2008 for Peter and the Wolf). “That's why we tested the quality, colour palette and price of nine different brands of paint. Van Gogh oil colours emerged as the winner. The fact that the brand name is Van Gogh was just a happy coincidence!"

“The filmmakers’ decision to use Van Gogh oil colours for this extraordinary feature film is a strong endorsement of our achievements,” said Rick Verdier, Van Gogh Brand Manager. “It's a fantastic outcome after over 117 years of craftsmanship and devotion to developing paint. Our artists paint is still produced in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, every day, exactly in the same place where it all started in 1899.”