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Painting workshop children's garden 'Molenley'  Netherlands

Painting workshop children's garden 'Molenley' Netherlands

Sunday, June 20, 2021

2 weeks ago a painting workshop was held in the beautiful children's garden 'Molenley' in collaboration with 'Discover your talent' of the Nieuwe Veste in Breda, the Netherlands. It was beautiful peaceful activity!

Children's Garden 'Molenley'

The children's garden plays an important educational role in Breda. Two groups of children participated in this workshop. The children of a group grow vegetables, herbs and flowers in their own vegetable garden. The children learn to sow, plant, weed and hoe. Harvesting is a feast and everything can be taken home.

Project 'Discover you talent'

Another group comes from an initiative of De Nieuwe Veste to give children the opportunity to participate in creative activities. This group includes children who need extra attention, for example their brother/sister is seriously ill, or due to other circumstances in the family.

Painting workshop

The workshop has been a success! They worked outside and the weather was perfect. Art teacher Emanuela gave a tour to observe the flowers, vegetables, trees and then the kids started painting. The assignment was free, the inspiration was nature, its colours, they were allowed to paint from their own freedom. It was a party! She was delighted to see how the children discover and enjoy mixing colors: making a beautiful brown in all tones by mixing red, black and yellow for the earth, for the tree trunk. Or a blue and white can paint the sky! An invention! It was a happy afternoon.


Art teacher Emanuela also teaches children in the refugee center Gilze. She was very happy with the good materials we donated for this nice event.

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Operation 'SCHOOL-BOX'

Operation 'SCHOOL-BOX'

On July 25th we got a message from a former stationary saleswoman. She told us she was setting up a collection for the affected schoolchildren in order to offer them a ‘normal’ return to school. They were trying to collect the necessary products for the children’s pencil cases and their lunch boxes. She called the operation ‘operation SCHOOL-BOX’.