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Water mixable oil painting is an extraordinary painting technique. How is it possible to mix water and oil? And does that work well? And what is the best way to use it? Artist Don Nederhand answers these questions in the Royal Talens masterclass ‘Cobra Water Mixable Oil Colours’. Register and receive free of charge this masterclass course in your mailbox for 8 weeks! You will receive a masterclass every week. Each masterclass comprises a video of 12 minutes explaining the technique.

The plan of the online masterclass course, week by week:

  1. Cobra solvent-free oil painting
  2. The name Cobra & What is paint?
  3. Production process of paint
  4. Drying and adhesion
  5. Sketching a painting
  6. Painting techniques 1: alla prima (wet-into-wet) & layered painting
  7. Painting techniques 2: glazing and thin washes
  8. Colour and colour mixing
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