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Painting with Van Gogh oil colours is a joy. Whatever oil colour technique you choose, the pasty paint gives a beautiful result. Choose from a wide and balanced palette. In addition to the lively colours, you above all opt for the certainty of a good oil paint. The fineness, the colour intensity, the high content of pigment and durability contribute to the ultimate expression of your inspiration. Van Gogh oil colours are available in a wide range of 66 colours in various tube sizes, sets and artists’ boxes.

• High quality
• Strong and intense colours
• Easy to mix and use
• High pigment level
• Uniform degree of gloss and thickness of the various colours
• Good to excellent lightfastness for colour retention over time

Product | Van Gogh oil colour combiset 10x20 ml

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Van Gogh oil colour combiset 10x20 ml

Van Gogh
• 10 tubes 20 ml (105 - 268 - 270 - 393 - 366 - 504 - 535 - 619 - 409 - 701)
• 1 bottle painting medium 75 ml
• 2 Van Gogh brushes series 210 no. 8 (Gussow model, hog bristle) and series 211 no. 4 (round model, hog bristle)
• double palette cup

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