Ecoline liquid water colour

Whether this involves artistic impressions, product design, illustrations, fashion design, calligraphy or children’s drawings, the brilliant colours of this liquid water colour paint bring every piece of art to life.

• Available in 58 brilliant transparent colours and 2 opaque colours (white and gold) in 30 ml, 490 ml and 990 ml
• The colour range includes the three primary colours lemon yellow (205), magenta (337) and sky blue cyan (578)
• Handy Brush Pens are also available, ready for immediate use. Available in 59 colours.
• Good adhesion to water colour and drawing paper and board
• It is not waterproof when dry, so you can work on it “further” by wetting what is dry once more
• Store the original works of art in a portfolio for optimal colour retention

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Ecoline printer paper

Ecoline Print Paper is particularly suitable for Ecoline, a liquid water colour paint available in bottles or Brush Pens, as the brilliant colours look their very best on this type of paper. What's more, it can be used in the printer, making it highly suited to a hybrid technique; a design can be scanned, printed and then further worked on perfectly with Ecoline and/or an Ecoline Brush Pen.

• 21 x 29,7 cm (A4)
• 150 g/m2, 75 lbs
• 75 sheets
• not suitable for laser printer

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